Learn Korean in Dubai

To truly understand a language, one must learn the culture that surrounds it. Korea is a country with a rich cultural history dating back many years. When you learn Korean in Dubai at Pomegranate Institute, you will learn to speak, read, and write Korean in a supportive environment as you develop your language skill through each level of study. The Korean language courses are tailored to suit the student's specific needs and goals. Every class is different because every student is different. Our instructors focus on the student's primary objectives in learning the language. Whether the student aims to learn survival Korean before a trip or to learn the proper vocabulary to write a business proposal in Korean, we can design the course to meet the student's professional, social, or educational needs. If you learn Korean in Dubai, it can also help you strengthen personal relationships with Korean-speaking friends or loved ones. Your friends will appreciate your efforts in learning the Korean language, and they will be excited to help you practice and improve.


I have been in Dubai for over 15 years and always wanted to learn a foreign language. I am fascinated by the Korean language and so happy to have learnt Korean from Pomegranate Institute.
My girlfriend is Korean, and I am from Philippines. I decided to learn Korean and surprise her on our anniversary. Everything went according to plan and Pomegranate Institute and the teachers played a big role.