Learn Italian

If you are looking to learn a few basic phrases for your holiday or just want a taste of the beautiful language of Italian, then this is the course for you! Whet your appetite for this language and taste the course.

At Pomegranate Institute, you learn the Italian language in a way which best suits you and your current ambitions, skills, and abilities. Our approach to teaching the Italian language is very innovative with a friendly environment towards the learning of a new language.

Classes are led by native teachers with years of experience in the teaching of the Italian language, who are capable of understanding and solving any need of their students. The teaching method combines grammar and communication with the advantage of practicing in class. The daily class schedule is intended to be accommodating and allow space for the personal work-life balance of the students.

Knowing how to speak Italian is always an advantage when applying for jobs, as many companies in Italy prefer to hire people who can speak English as well as Italian.