Learn Greek

You speak Greek – you just don’t know it! More than 6000 Greek words are used in English. The Greek alphabet will offer you a brain challenge till you learn it and are able to read it!

Twenty-four letters to practice and double letters that give a different sound. Sounds like a brain puzzle? And don’t forget the famous phrase “It sounds Greek to me.” Learning Greek should make you feel proud of your intelligence.

By learning Greek, you get closer to the wisdom of the ancient Greek world! So many philosophers and wise men came from Greece, such as Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle. Our Greek lessons at Pomegranate are designed for students who want to make rapid progress in their Ancient Greek language and deepen their knowledge of Greece and its culture. It offers the four skills, and provides an insight into Greek culture and civilization.

Moreover, the course is accompanied by lectures, activities that illuminate the contemporary Greek culture. We provide students with an opportunity to study Greek in a supportive, yet academically challenging environment. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced. Our standard and expectations both for staff and students are kept at a high level of excellence.

Our courses are open to all students who love the Greek language and culture, regardless of age, nationality, job, or education.