Learn Persian

Are you interested in learning Persian? You should, as Persian is a language almost as beautiful as its region of origin - Iran. Unique, poetic, and influential, Persian opens the door to Middle Eastern cultures.

Persian has remained unchanged for centuries, which means you can experience world-famous Persian literature in the exact language it was written. The script is essentially the same as Arabic and similar to Urdu, making it easier to move to these two languages.

Pomegranate Institute offers you the opportunity to acquire and master the four skills, and a balance between communicative activities, structure practice, and grammar, from native experienced teachers. The materials used are broad-based and help students develop communication skills.

Learning the Farsi language provides benefits that last a lifetime, from educational opportunities to cultural awareness, job placements. Studying Farsi provides an entry into a rich and diverse culture that produced major poets, exquisite miniature painting, and fine carpets. Persian speakers are already in high demand among US universities, consulting firms and other businesses.