Best Arabic Classes in Dubai

As the official language in UAE is Arabic, many expats are learning Arabic to enhance their fluency so that they can converse with native speakers. This will improve business productivity as well as give people better opportunities in the job market. At Pomegranate Institute, we pride ourselves in providing the best Arabic classes in Dubai. Our courses are structured to cater for every level and can be customized to suit the student’s needs. Spoken Arabic is the most common choice for students who are already in the working world. At our institute, you will learn the language in an easy understandable manner and we integrate cultural values into the studies.

Types of Arabic Language Courses

Basic Course information

The basic level will help you in daily conversation enabling you to speak on select topics. It will also help you communicate your thoughts in a logical way.

Independent Course information

The independent level focuses on the four skills (reading/ writing/ speaking/ listening). This will help you converse confidently on different topics.

Proficient Course information

The Proficient level will help you converse in a fluent manner. It will assist you professionally and academically.

Cost of Arabic Courses

Short Term Fees:

3 Weeks - AED 1,125

3 Weeks - AED 1,500

3 Weeks - AED 1,600

Long Term Fees:

6 - 9 Weeks - AED 320 per week

10 - 17 Weeks - AED 285 per week

18 - 26 Weeks - AED 270 per week

Clients Testimonials

Learning Arabic was very important for me as my job demanded I converse with locals. I am thankful to Pomegranate Institute for teaching me the language in such a short time.
This institute is by far the best-spoken Arabic class in Dubai. The teachers were very understanding and patient, as I was a beginner and they guided me towards speaking the language in record time.

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