Learn Arabic

Are you looking for quality and professional Arabic learning? If the answer is yes, then join Pomegranate Institute for all you Arabic learning needs.

Arabic is the official language of over 20 countries and there are well over 300 million native speakers of the language. The Arab world is a major part of the global economy, which makes it a very lucrative region. As many businesses invest in the Arab world, being able to understand and converse in Arabic will make it easier to make important business decisions.

Our native teachers at Pomegranate Institute use simple and easy method to make you understand and speak Arabic within a short period. Our focus is teaching you how to read, write and speak the Arabic language in a preferred flexible schedule that will not conflict with your working hours. We deliver private teaching and group teaching according to the requirements of our students. We have interesting games that enable you to learn in a fun atmosphere. Our teachers are flexible and therefore structures the delivery methods to fit the schedules at all levels of learners.

Seventy percent of the UAE population comprises of expats, however, not many are able to speak Arabic with the locals. Arabic people feel honored when foreigners speak their language even if it it’s just the basics or not-so-accurate phrases. Learning Arabic at Pomegranate Institute will take you through a tour of the fabulous Arabic culture in an exciting and interesting journey.