Learn Urdu

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, and over 160 million people speak this language. Urdu developed under the influences of many other languages and imported heavily loanwords from Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Hindi and even Sanskrit. Learning it will give you some sort of exposure to these languages. Around 40% of words in Urdu are imported from Persian and Arabic. Thousands of tourists visit Pakistan every year and it would be an added benefit if you knew how to speak basic Urdu.

Considered as one of the most polite languages of the world and you will benefit hugely from that in social-relationship building. You will be able to understand dialogues and songs in the films produced by the Bollywood film industry. A knowledge of this language will indeed help you to find jobs and to expand your social network.

The education and knowledge offered at our institute is delivered by a team of highly experienced, talented teachers. Their teaching methods are interactive and interesting, which is quickly learned by the students. These experts interact with the students in a most polite, courteous, ethical manner thus establishing a comfort level most suitable for learning.

This course is designed to give a basic knowledge of Urdu to beginners with little or no prior experience with the language. Students well feel comfortable with the vocabulary and the basic sentence structures of Urdu. Learning Urdu can provide you with a lucrative career as a trainer, translator, and interpreter.