Learn Spanish

Studying Spanish in our institute not only means learning the language but enjoying the opportunity of getting to know and discovering the different cultures. Each week our students will have the chance to participate in some of our cultural activities. There is no better time to learn Spanish and enrich your life.

Spanish is the official language in Spain, and several Caribbean countries too. It’s a useful language to know when doing business with Spanish and a great way to strengthen your CV and improve your career prospects. Spanish is considered one of the easiest languages for a native English speaker to learn. The grammar and pronunciation are different from English, but simpler and more consistent.

At Pomegranate Institute, we offer affordably priced Spanish language classes for all levels. Adults and children are cultural enriched, and for those who wish to enjoy the cinema, literature, music, art, dance, of the Spanish speaking world, Pomegranate is the Institute for you.

Our experienced teachers are highly qualified, native speakers of Spanish. We offer day, evening, and Saturday classes in our comfortable and spacious classrooms. Our small classes on an average of 8 to 10 students, provide many opportunities to practice conversation. For students who have knowledge of the language, we offer a placement exam to ensure that each student is placed in the appropriate level.