Learn Latin

Latin is the language of ancient Rome and the foundation for many other languages of the world, including English. The course is designed to give students a command of basic grammatical forms and constructions. Upon completion of this course, you can expect to be able to read simple prose in Classical Latin.

Dedicated student can progress from zero Latin knowledge right through to advanced proficiency over a longer period of study. We have the best value, the best teachers, the best location and offer the best overall experience for learning this interesting language. Our teachers will provide suggestions for texts and supplementary materials before the beginning of a program, both group and private.

We want our students to learn to read and enjoy authentic Latin, not simply to be exposed to them in passing. Students will, from the very beginning, be reading passages of appropriate length and complexity selected from actual Greek and Roman authors. Our aim is to facilitate and encourage the love of learning, and guide that love and to provide our students with the fundamental skills that will allow them to become joyous and playful learners.