Learn Italian

Are you interested in Italian courses? At Pomegranate Institute, you learn the Italian language in a way which best suits you and your current abilities. The customised program is fully tailored to your ambitions, skills, and abilities. You can, of course, work on your business Italian with us as well.

More than 80 million people speak Italian and approximately 30% of words in the English language are of Latin origin. Italian is also the main language spoken in the Vatican City. You will be able to appreciate Italian sculptures, paintings, architecture, music and even film better. If poetic language is your thing, then you will enjoy learning Italian. The way the words flow and are pronounced make this language as fascinating as it is easy to learn. Everyone appreciates Italian cuisine. Order with confidence on your next visit at an authentic Italian restaurant and show off your prowess with your impeccable pronunciation.

Knowing how to speak another language is always an advantage when applying for jobs, many companies in Italy prefer to hire people who can speak English as well as Italian. Also, if you plan to invest in Italy, learning Italian is a plus since you can deal directly with Italian businessmen without requiring a translator.

During your Italian course at Institute, you have four lessons from native Italians who guide you in learning the Italian language.