Learn German

Does your son or daughter want to learn German with playful ease? Join our courses for children, teenagers, and young adults. In our general German courses, you will learn the standard German spoken in Germany today. You have the possibility to choose between less intensive or more intensive courses in the morning, evening or at the weekend.

A Danish saying goes:

The Germans sell in English, but they also buy in German.

German and English are similar. Many words in German sound and/or look the same to English. if you can speak German fluently, you will get more opportunities with foreign companies in your native country or abroad. Knowing German is a very invaluable skill for many professional people such as business executives, IT professionals as well as entrepreneur as it creates business opportunities. We, therefore also offer tailor-made courses for educational and corporate institutions

As a German tourist, speaking to people in their language, and meeting them halfway, culturally, is the only real way into their world. German is an important language in the fields of philosophy, science, history, literature, and art. Acquire a deeper understanding of the German heritage, culture, and traditions.