Learn English

Our English courses are designed for students from all backgrounds and levels. We have planned our English lessons to help students improve their English in a fun way. Our teachers are native speakers and are qualified to help students in their learning process, thereby moving them to the next level while building their confidence.

If you want to study at university in countries like the US and the UK, you need to be proficient in English, and there’s no better Institute to achieve this, as we offer the IELTS preparation exam as well as TOEFL. Our experienced teachers will guide you with the best techniques on all four skills required in your IELTS exam.

As English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, second to Mandarin, the international business community often uses English to communicate, and often requires employees to speak multiple languages. Learning English with Pomegranate Institute can help you in your career and enhance your CV, as we have special lessons to prepare you for that interview.

Most software programs are written in English and those seeking to expand their computer knowledge can find the ability to read and understand the English language invaluable. 55% of all websites are in English and at Pomegranate we believe in empowering our students technically as well. We will help you to speak fluently, so you can meet all kinds of people and make great friends.